About Us



About Us

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Who We Are

LiveHouse offers a building inspection and diagnostic service aiming building’s preservation and valorisation of the Immovable Heritage.

Our professionals are certified engineers and applied thermography by the leading experts in the field, Infrared Training Center, in Boston (USA).

With the help of advanced technology, we can identify and portray accurately existing anomalies and recommend the most suitable technical solution, intending property preservation and future valorisation. Since 2014, we have inspected over 450 buildings.



All the buildings, throughout its lifetime, develop anomalies due to lack of maintenance, design and building mistakes and natural construction material deterioration. Some of these problems are easy to diagnose but many anomalies cause complex damages that imply a more detailed and strict analyses.

LiveHouse has suitable solutions to solve these problems:

- Anomaly diagnosis in apartments, villas, condominiums, commercial and industrial buildings;

- Preparation of the Contractual Specifications directed towards the anomaly repair;

- Analyses and Evaluation of submitted and presented tender proposals;

- Counselling and support in Acquisition and Selling Decisions;

- Photographic/Video Survey and Notarial Registry;

- Supervision of Construction Work;

- Architectural Survey;

- Structural Survey;

- Structural Health Monitoring;

- Project and Consultancy.


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